Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuum Cleaners



The EU Vacuum ban, as widely reported in the media recently, is not as black and white as it first appears.  The headlines screamed out about the impending ban and advised consumers to snap up the last of the powerful cleaners before they were gone for ever.  I can’t recall reading or listening to a single article which actually considered the new regulations on their merits. 

The original Eco Design regulation came about in October 2009 and was adopted on 8th July 2013.  The main purpose was to encourage better design and efficiency by manufacturers of certain products and in this instance it was vacuum cleaners.

Up to this point we had always equated higher wattages with better performance. This was not surprising as when a manufacturer launched a new range they would often make a point of telling us about its increased wattage and increased suction.  But with this impending change producers of vacuums had to rethink.

So here we are post ban.  The big wattage cleaners have mostly sold out due to the apocalyptic interpretation by the media of the directive. The question is  “Are we now left with low wattage cleaners that couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding?”.

 With this in mind, we took at the New Miele Complete C3 Power Line vacuum and compared it to the ever popular Miele Allervac Sensor.  The New Complete C3 Power Line comes in Obsidian Black and is rated at 1600 watts to comply with the new regulations.   The recently banned Allervac Sensor in white is rated at 2200 watts. 

vac2Our first observation when lifting the New cleaner out of its box was how much lighter it was,  5.2kg compared to the weightier 6kg of the Allervac.  Considering the cleaners are virtually the same dimensions we were impressed by this weight loss. 

The build quality of the Power Line is typical Miele.  Opening up the outer cover reveals three neatly stored tools: the crevice, stair and small brush tool.  The second cover gives access to the new HyClean 3D dust bag that through clever design has increased capacity by 20% over the previous HyClean bag. 

 The controls are simple and clear with a single push on/off and a cord rewind button.  Power is controlled by foot or hand with a gentle tap on the +/- buttons to increase or decrease suction.Mie;e Vacuum Cleaners

 Turning on the New Power Line was interesting.  As we increased the power to maximum we realized that thiscleaner packs a punch.  The suction was every bit as powerful as you would expect from a higher wattage cleaner. 

 We then compared it to the  Allervac with its mighty 600 watt advantage.  With both models side by side and power controls set for maximum there was no noticeable difference in the suction. 

 With clever design and new technologies incorporated into the New Complete C3 Power Line, Miele have produced a cleaner to challenge the critics view that you can’t make a lower wattage cleaner that sucks!


SMEG Small Kitchen Appliances

SMEG Small Kitchen Appliances

We really excited about the launch of SMEG new range of retro styled small kitchen appliances. We first saw them back in April at the Euronics trade show and have just been told that the stock should be here in August. So what’s all the excitement about?

SMEG Small Appliance Range

This stunning new range of Small Kitchen Appliances includes a Kettle 2 slice & 4 Slice Toaster, Stand Mixer and Blend. All appliances are available in a range of colours to match SMEG retro refrigeration and Victoria range cookers.

SMEG Toasters

The SMEG 2 slice Toaster has 4 separate functions for flexibility (Defrost, Reheat, Cancel nd A Bagel Setting), 6 toasting levels to suite all tastes,  A Touch-Release Removable Stainless Steel Crumb Tray for easy cleaning, Extra-wide slots that will take thick cut bread and  bagels plus a Built In Cord Wrap and Anti-Slip Feet. The SMEG 2 Slice toaster  measures (H) 19.8cm (W) 31cm (D) 19.5cm and will retail for £99.99

Smeg 4 Slice Toaster

The SMEG 4 slice Toaster has 2 long slots that take 4 slices of bread. and has all the features of the 2 Slice toaster. It  measures (H) 21.5cm (W) 39.5cm (D) 20.8 cm and will retail for £129.99

SMEG Kettles

The Smeg Cordless Kettle features a Stainless Steel painted body  Push-Pull Opening Lid and has a capacity: 1,7 Lt which is equivalent to 6 cups. The kettle sits on a 360° Swivel Base with anti-slip feet. The kettle has a  auto shut-Off  when it reaches 100°C. A washable stainless steel lime scale filter will keep for tea free from bits. The Kettle measures (H) 24.6cm (W) 22cm (D) 17cm and will retail for £89.99

SMEG Stand MixerStand Mixers are becoming increasingly popular and have started to out sell food processors so the new SMEG stand mixers will be a welcome edition to the range se sell. Available in 4 different colours the SMEG Stand mixer has a Die-Cast Aluminium body making it very robust, the Highly Polished Stainless Steel bowl has a 4.8L capacity and the 1000 watt direct drive motor has 6 speed setting with a soft start feature so the contents of the bosl stay in the bowl.

The SMEG Stand Mixer  measures (H) 40.26cm (W)37.8cm (D) 22.1cm and will retail for £329.99 3 year manufacturers guarantee

For more details on this exciting range of kitchen appliances call our sales line on 0845 3303 655 or call into one of our Oxfordshire Stores. Details at www.ogormans.co.uk

SMEG 90cm Victoria Range Cooker TR93BL and TR93P



Launched in 2013 The SMEG Victoria 90cm Range Cooker in Black TR93BL and Cream TR93P has already been a massive hit in the 90cm cooker market. And thats easy to see why if you take a look at the features that this cooker has and feel the build quality. If you are in the market for a new 90cm Range Cooker and are looking for a Classic or Traditional look I would seriously recommend taking a look at the 90cm Smeg Victoria.

Features & Benefits of SMEG 90cm Victoria Range Cooker

Starting from the the top the 90cm Victoria has 6 gas burners beneath three heavy duty cast iron pan supports. The hob configuration is as follows Front right: 1.8 kW, Rear right: 2.9 kW, Front centre: 1.0 kWm, Rear centre: 1.8 kW, Rear left: 1.0 kW, Front left: Ultra rapid burner: 4.2 kW.

Underneath the hob is a 41 litre fully variable grill with a 2.7kW element and two different grilling levels. The interior of the grill compartment is coated with easy clean enamel making food or fat splashes easy to remove.The main oven has a 68 litre capacity and has 7 different functions making it very versatile. The functions are Circulaire Fan, Turbo Fan with top & bottom heat, Fan Grilling, Top & Bottom Heat, Bottom heat only, Full and Half Grill, Defrost and a Vapour Clean Function. Vapour Clean is an Eco friendly cleaning system. To enable this system to operate, a small amount water & detergent is sprayed around the cavity and heated to create vapour using the bottom element. The oven door is triple glazed helping the oven to achieve its (A) energy efficiency as well as making the outside of the door cooler to touch. This oven is Fully Programmable for cooking times up to 10 hours via the centrally located clock and programmer.

The Second Auxiliary Oven on the TR93 is located on the right hand side, this tall 68 litre Circulaire fan oven has four shelves with 9 different levels and a triple glazed door. It achieves an energy rating of (A-10%) that’s 10% more efficient than an (A) energy rated oven.

Finally one of the most impressive things about the SMEG Victoria 90cm Range cooker is the look and feel of it. The Pan supports and burners are heave duty, the doors have a solid feel and don’t sound tinny like some competitors products. Even the paint has a deep luxurious look and feel. But don’t just take our word for it come and see one in the flesh at our Oxfordshire stores based in Bicester and Kidlington Oxford.

So how much does it cost? Well the RRP. on the SMEG TR93P and TR93BL is £1699 but you could make a substantial savings by calling us for the best price on (01865) 372113 We offer Free UK Delivery and the excellent service you would expect from a family run company that’s been Established over 50 years. But don’t just take our word for it check out what our customer say on Feefo independent customer reviews


SMEG TR4110AZ Victoria Range Cooker


Add a splash of colour to your Kitchen with this Pastel Blue SMEG TR4110AZ 110cm Victoria Range Cooker.

 The SMEG Victoria is available in 6 different colours and after Black and Cream the Pastel Blue is the next best selling colour. As well as looking stunning this range cooker is packed with features and has a good solid feel.

The SMEG TR4110AZ has 7 gas burners which is more than enough for cooking a large family meal, the burners are made up of Front Right: 1.80kW, Rear Right: 1.80kW, Front Centre: 3.00kW, Rear Centre: 1.00kW, Front Left: 1.00kW, Rear Left: 3.00kW, Very Far Left: Ultra rapid burner: 4.20kW. Pans are supported by three heavy cast iron pan supports and a removable cast iron Wok stand can be placed over the 4.2kW Wok Burner.

SMEG Victoria Oven CavityUnderneath the hob you will find two large 68 litre Multifunction ovens measuring (H) 315mm (W) 460mm (D) 430mm. The Top right oven has 7 cooking functions while the bottom left oven has 6 cooking functions. Each oven has a easy clean enamel interior and a triple glazed door with air cooling system. The top right oven has a Vapour Clean function this is an Eco friendly cleaning system. To enable this system to operate, a small amount water & detergent should be sprayed around the cavity and heated to create vapour using the bottom element.

To complement the two ovens there is a large 39 litre grill with two cooking levels, a powerful 2.7kW element and the ability to do closed door grilling for extra efficiency.  In the bottom right hand corner of the cooker you will find a slide out storage drawer that’s perfect for storing all those baking trays. The internal dimensions of the draw is (H) 140mm (W) 420mm (D) 400mm

SMEG do not make a cooker hood in Pastel Blue, but the SMEG KT110BL in Black will match any 110cm Victoria Cooker nicely and has the same classic lines. If you like the cooker but not the colour then please see our previous blog with all six colours and demonstration video. If you would like more information or prices on the SMEG Victoria Range Cookers Please Call (01865) 372113 or call into one of our showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxfordshire. We offer very competitive prices and FREE UK Delivery

pastel blue appliancesSo if you the SMEG TR4110AZ takes your fancy why not compliment it with some other matching Pastel Blue Kitchen appliances. Like  a SMEG FAB28QAZ1 Pastel Blue Refrigerator or FAB30RFA and FAB32RFA Fridge Freezers. SMEG even make a Pastel Blue Retro Dishwasher DF6FABAZ1 and Washing Machine WMFABRO1. If thats not enough Pastel Blue for you there is always Dualit Toaster or a Roberts Radio.

You can even get a matching Pastel Blue SMEG Flueless Gas Fire that can be hung on any wall where there is a gas supply. Please note that due to different screen resolutions the colour may differ slightly in the flesh. All SMEG pastel blue appliances are an exact colour match. The Dualit Glacier Blue and Roberts Duck Egg Blue mat vary slightly.


Why Has Vintage Gone Viral?


Why has Vintage Gone Viral?



Tilly Shaw from Darlington, County Durham has always had a love for all things vintage.

Together with her husband Joe she runs a Gramophone hire company, bringing the sophistication of The Great Gatsby era into the 21st century. Bridget Moore, who runs BR Events, considers herself as a fully fledged magpie, collecting all kinds of historic treasures as well as organising vintage fairs.


The Vintage Definition

The word ‘vintage’ is used so frequently these days, the meaning often becomes confused. Having been in the trade for many years, Bridget knows all too well how the word is misused. An antique is generally at least 100 years old and sometimes has considerable value. A vintage item is from a specific era, generally between 1920 and 1980 or is part of a certain style, such as art deco,

Nostalgia is like a Warm Blanket

Both Tilly and Bridget say vintage is not just about the older generation remembering the good old People often say they love gramophones because they’re not just providing a sound, they’re also fabulous to look at. It does capture that idea of nostalgia. Children in particular are just fascinated by them and what to find out more,” says Tilly.

Bridget agrees that vintage captures the imagination of everybody, young and old. “Vintage is like a warm cuddly blanket you can wrap around yourself. You can see people who come to the fairs, their eyes light up and they are almost overwhelmed.

“We get a real mixed bag of age groups coming to the events because the trend appeals to everybody. The sheer fascination people have for the past is incredible,” she says.

Gramaphone record

Pictured above: One of Bridget’s vintage finds, an original 1930s Dennis Wheatley murder mystery, which you can try and solve using the clues inside. Bridget also believes the popularity of the trend has deeper underlying meanings. “Insecurity and the way we like to cling on to the past has a lot to do with the vintage craze. Many people think it’s lovely to own something that’s gone through lots of troubles and different eras. It makes you think, well if that survived it, so can I.”

Vintage-Inspired Elegance

Tilly believes that when people think about vintage they imagine elegance, class and sophistication. Having attended many weddings inspired by the 1920s, 30s and 40s, she’s seen firsthand why brides adore the vintage theme. “I think the vintage style is popular because you can find lovely designs and it offers something really different. You’re not just conforming to what everyone else is doing,” she says. “I’ve seen some fabulous vintage bridal gowns with drop waists and all the accessories like gloves and hair clips. If the theme is done well it’s classy and elegant,” she adds.

Tilly says that although her home has more of a contemporary style, their gramophone collection suits her interior design beautifully. “I think the great thing about retro or vintage is that you can mix and match. You don’t necessarily have to have a consistent theme.” But Bridget has always opted for a more traditional style when it comes to her home. “I grew up in an Edwardian house and now live in a 1920s house. For a brief period I lived in a modern house and I hated every minute of it.”

Create the Traditional Look with O’Gorman’s

Whether you’re looking to add some rock ’n’ roll to the home or just want to create that warm, traditional feel, you’re sure to find it online at O’Gorman’s. We love celebrating the past and have a large choice of retro 50s jukeboxes, quirky Steepletone telephones and classic Smeg refigerators. You’ll also find Roberts radios and nostalgic record players – perfect for bringing some good old glamour into the home.

Oxford Cafe Captures the Vintage Vibe

Souths Cafe in Oxford has become a huge hit with the locals. Manager Andrew Brewer, alongside business partner Gareth Bressington, designed the cafe in a vintage style to make their business stand out from the crowd.
Named after South Parade in Summertown, where the cafe is located, Andrew talks about why retro is so popular with local residents – and how a quirky theme helped capture his customers’ attention.

cafe1Pictured above: Gareth (left) and Andrew (right) at Souths Cafe.
“I’d describe our cafe as a funky, odds and sods sort of place. We haven’t really focused on a specific era or design, our main aim is to make the cafe feel homely and warming. It’s gone down the road of a shabby chic, retro sort of look.”
Wanting to appeal to a wide audience, the main aim was to make the cafe inviting and create a place where people could relax.
Since opening 18 months ago, Souths Cafe has become extremely popular, attracting locals with its unique interior design.
“People like us because we offer something for everybody and we’ve got a quirky style. For instance our retro ‘60s coffee machine is really unusual. I keep collecting bits and pieces to put on display, which adds to that retro, shabby chic look. We’ve just tried to be ourselves and let a bit of flair into the place. People seem to really like that,” says Andrew.


cafe2Pictured left: The retro 60s coffee machine at Souths Cafe.

Retro Revolution – Why are we Vintage Mad?

From hobble skirts and tweed blazers to Steepletone telephones, as a nation it seems we can’t get enough of all things retro.
Is it the media that has made us vintage mad? Or maybe the idea of nostalgia gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Whatever the reason, the retro look has everybody talking.
“There seems to be a lot in press at the moment about all things retro. Retro appliances have become very popular all of a sudden, for example. Most people like things that are quirky and different, and that’s what retro is all about.
“I think people like all things retro because it gives them a memento of the good old days. That nostalgic feeling can be really comforting.”

Our Old-School Menu Shakes Things up

As well as incorporating a retro style with their funky striped wallpaper and ‘60s coffee machine, Souths Cafe also has some unique features on its menu.
Pictured below: The Cafe’s signature vanilla milkshake served in a retro jam jar glass.
“A lot of our drinks have a retro vibe such as dandelion and burdock, old-fashioned colas, and coke floats. It just offers something different that you don’t tend to see in your average cafe. Our retro drinks are really popular because they’re unusual.”
Whether it be cups and saucers or a ‘50s jukebox, retro items can add character to virtually any space.
When he’s not on a shift at the cafe, Andrew is constantly on the lookout for more quirky bits and pieces.
“I often browse charity shops and the web for retro gear like signage and pots and pans, almost to clutter the place up as mad – as it sounds. The style can really make somewhere seem more welcoming and homely,” he says.

Sweet Sounds of Nostalgia

The Summertown cafe’s retro record collection is also a big hit with customers.
“A lot of the music we play is from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and sometimes modern stuff too. We play a bit of everything for everyone, but the majority of our music is very retro. We decided to incorporate older music because we wanted something that everyone would find relaxing.
“We now have a huge music collection. A song will come on and you’ll think, ‘I recognise this song from somewhere’, and you’ll look and it’ll be a really old number from the ‘60s. I think we’ll certainly look into getting a jukebox a bit further down the line.”

Achieving Retro Style with a Smile

It’s not just about getting the style right – cafes should also focus on being loyal to their customers.
“As well as having a unique style, we also go that extra mile for clientele. We always make sure they’re OK. We know our regular customers on first-name terms and understand what they like. I think that’s an important factor for any business.”

Service with a smile and the odd quirky feature here and there has played a strong part in the cafe’s success. So when it comes to good old-fashioned service, retro really is a winner for Souths Cafe.

Go Retro with O’Gorman’s

Remember the happy days – give your home or business some retro cheer. Here at O’Gorman’s we have a wide selection of Dualit toasters, funky fridge freezers, retro Roberts radios , jukeboxes, nostalgic record players and novelty telephones.
If you’re looking for cafe or restaurant equipment, be sure to check out our commercial range.

Sponsorship (for external publishing only)
This article was sponsored by O’Gorman’s, a Retra member and Euronics electrical retailer with stores in Kidlington and Bicester, Oxfordshire. Their website offers an extensive range of commercial and home appliances, including funky jukeboxes, retro dishwashers and nostalgic Steepletone telephones.

Dimplex Electric Fires


Dimplex Focal Point Electric Fires

September is a month of change. The days shorten, the evenings grow longer and the cooler temperatures remind us that winter lies in wait just around the corner. It’s also the time not surprisingly that Dimplex refresh their fantastic range of electric fires with some great new models and this year is no exception. So what’s new for this season?

Dimplex Freeport Electric Fire

First mention has to go to the stunning new Black Nickel effect finish they have introduced on the Dimplex Delius, Adagio and Dimplex Freeport. These models are part of the Display and Demonstrate range, a collection of fires that need to be seen in a showroom to really appreciate the aesthetics and understand the features of each model. The Delius and Freeport both feature Opti-flame LED. The flame effect is illuminated using LED lights that are more energy efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs.



Dimplex Alameda suite If it’s a larger fire you require then the New Alameda suite should fit the bill. This suite is 1075mm wide and 895mm high and consists of the Natural Stone effect surround and Opti-myst fire. The fire is complimented by the brick effect back panel which gives depth to the suite.

The Optimyst effect will captivate you from the moment you see it. Using state of the art technology Dimplex have created the worlds most realistic electric flame and smoke effect. Our customers love our in store demonstrations of Opti-myst and will often trade up to this effect as it is so convincing


Dimplex Auberry Electric Stove.

The Dimplex Auberry is a stylish new stove finished in a creamy white. It’s based on the very popular Oakhurst which has been our best selling Opti-myst fire this year. We’re sure this model won’t disappoint if it’s a contemporary look you are after. Why not consider pairing it with a Sandstone Hearth pad available as an optional extra



Dimplex Silverton Electric Fire

The Dimplex Silverton is an interesting fire. It’s one of a few ‘No Heat’ fires that Dimplex make. All of the fires mentioned so far incorporate thermostatically controlled electric fan heaters for when you need a boost of heat in the room. The Silverton however is an electric fire basket measuring 710mm wide with Optimyst flame and smoke and a separate glowing ash bed using low energy LED lighting as mentioned earlier.

Dimplex ExburyThe Exbury is a new inset fire finished in Chrome or an Antique Brass effect. This is one of a range of canopy free fires that offers no protrusion from the fan heater. The resulting look is a clean low profile fire that still benefits from a concealed heater.

The ever popular Club makes a new appearance now with Opti-flame LED This stove has always been a winner and now with it’s improved energy credentials we are sure it’s going to fly off the shelves.


This ends our brief overview of the some of the New models for this year. As O’Gormans is a  ‘Display and Demonstrate’ retailer we are able to supply any of the fantastic Focal Point Fires from Dimplex. Why not visit us today at our showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxford.


Bosch SMS58E32GB Dischwasher

Zenolith-logoHaving recently attended the IFA show in Berlin we were very impressed by this New feature Zeolith, that Bosch have incorporated into their SMS58E32GB dishwasher. A common problem dishwashers have is how they dry plastics. You can often find that plastic cups bowls and beakers are still wet resulting in the need to wipe with a drying up cloth before putting away. This seems at odds with the purpose of having a dishwasher!

Most dishwashers purchased today use the residual heat from the wash cycle to aid the drying cycle. During the wash stage ceramics, glass and metallic items heat up. This heat is then retained by those items and assists the evaporation of water during the drying stage. The problem with plastic items is that they don’t retain the heat as well and so this effects the way they dry during the finishing cycle.

A way round this would be to heat the dishwasher cavity using the heating element during the drying cycle. This is known as forced air drying. The downside of this is an increase in energy use and so an increase in cost per cycle. Zeolith technology makes use of a class of naturally occurring minerals called Zeolites. They have an astonishing ability to absorb water molecules and then release them as energy.

Zenolith-modualBosch have incorporated a container of Zeolites in the base of the dishwasher. During the wash cycle they heat up along with the water. They then store this heat and recycle it during the next stage. During the drying cycle they release this stored heat assisting drying without additional energy use. They also absorb moisture from the dishes which is then released the next time the dishwasher goes through a wash cycle. The results? Very dry dishes in less time, and using less energy. The Bosch SMS53E32GB achives an A+++ Energy rating because it is utalizing the natural heat of the Zeolith.  We think this is a very clever use of a naturally occurring substance. Look out for the Zeolith logo on selected Bosch dishwashers

PowerPlus Jaguar Solar powered Charger & Speakers


If like me you like to travel light but still want to listen to your favourite music while in your hotel room, tent or on the beach then the POWERplus® Jaguar is just what you are looking for.

The POWERplus® Jaguar is a 3 in 1 product which combines different accessories for your mobile device in one product: First of all its a charger for 5V mobile equipment, you can charge your phone from the built in Lithium battery which in can be charged in advance from any USB or via the solar panel on the front of the unit. The POWERplus® Jaguar comes supplied with a Micro USB plug and a USB Socket which can be connected to an iPhone using the iPhone lead.

Then there’s the External speaker, better audio experience than you would get from your mobile phone or other mobile devices. So already you have eliminated the need for a phone charger and portable speakers. And Finally its a handy little carry case for your phone that can be clipped to the out side of your backpack

  • POWERplus® Jaguar Powerbank-Charger & Speakers
  • Solar Powered speakers & phone charger
  • Suitable for all 5V phones & MP3 equipment
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery 3.6V 800mAh
  • USB Charging time for built in Battery is 2 – 3 hours
  • Solar Cell 5.5V 0.38 watts
  • Solar Charging time 15 – 20 hours for a full charge
  • Built in Stereo speakers with 3 watt output
  • Speaker operating time 4 – 8 hours depending on volume level
  • Robust Case to protect your phone with retaining strap inside
  • External karabiner for clipping device to gear
  • Internal on/off power switch
  • Internal on/off Speaker switch
  • Battery life indicator
  • Supplied with USB & Micro USB Charging adaptors
  • (H)195mm (D) 85mm (W) 45mm

Please see our demonstation / review video made after 4 days use on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru  


Fridge Freezers Oxfordshire

I have just replaced my 16 year old integrated fridge freezer with a brand new Bosch KIV38A51GB. Unfortunately the old one decided to pack up Saturday night and most of the frozen food had to be thrown away, while we ate our way through the contents of the fridge until our trouser buttons could take no more. It was an unfortunate experience and I should not have replaced it years ago.

Fridge freezer of that age were made before domestic appliances had energy ratings. I bet my old fridge freezer was a (C) or (D) energy rating, nowadays European legislation dictates that they must be a minimum of (A+). So what does this all mean? Well the running costs of my new Bosch fridge freezer will probably be less than a third of my old Liebherr one and in this day and age with energy bills as high as they are that’s a big saving.

I was somewhat restricted in my choice as I had a built in fridge freezer, however if you have a free standing one there are some super energy efficient models to choose from like the Bosch KGE36AW40G with its (A+++) energy rating. This fridge freezer uses less electricity than a low energy light bulb, that’s an amazing energy saving over the lifetime of the appliances when you think its on 24/7 365 days a year. If you want to add a splash of colour to your kitchen SMEG and Gorenje both have a range of retro fridge freezers in a variety of colours and sizes all with (A+) energy rating.

Summer is nearly here and hot weather kills off old fridges, freezers and fridge freezers. So if the energy savings alone are not enough to make want you to change your appliance then should consider the implication of it breaking down at the most inconvenient time. You can see our range of refrigeration at our Oxfordshire stores in Bicester or  Kidlington, Oxford where our trained sales staff will be happy to advise you. We offer free UK delivery normally within 2 – 3 days but if you live in Oxfordshire there is a good chance we can get a new appliance to you the same day. Check out our website at ogormans.co.uk