Smeg Fluless Gas Fires

The great thing about SMEG fires is they do not require a chimney, recess or outside wall. This means they can be fitted to virtually any wall so you can fit a gas fire in places you never thought possible, even that internal wall, All you need is a gas supply, if you live in a village with no gas then you can opt for a SMEG LPG gas fire.  One of the best features of SMEG gas fires is that they convert 100% of the Gas into heat thereby reducing your fuel costs which contributes to a greener and more friendly environment.

For Complete safety & piece of mind all Smeg flueless gas fires incorporate an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) which will detect if oxygen levels are low in the room and cuts the gas supply. Using the latest in Catalytic Technology all the by products of combustion are made safe and smells removed so all that comes out of you SMEG fire is clean hot air. Test have shown that the Catalytic converter is just as effective after 16,957 hours use as it is when new. That's the equivalent of over 27 years of use. SMEG fires are available in a contemporary portrait and landscape design or the classic FAB retro design. SMEG FAB fires are available in a choice of six colours which match SMEG other retro appliances. You can see our selection of SMEG Gas Fires in the flesh at our Oxfordshire Showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxford.

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