Steam Irons

There are so many things to consider when choosing a new Bosch steam iron   The higher the steam out put the easier it is to remove the creases, Steam output is measured in grams / per minute. For example the Bosch TDA4632GB has a steam output of 100grams/minute while the Bosch TDA7640GB has a 180gram/minute output.  All the Steam Irons listed below have a continuous steam output and a burst steam output. Burst Steam is used for removing stubborn creases. To make Steam you need water and a heater, the larger the heater (measured in watts) the faster the iron heats up and makes steam. The bigger the water reservoir the less time you will spend filling the iron up, however the more water the iron hold the heavier it will be. And finally spare a thought to how long the cable is and what type of sole plate the iron has. Cheap irons have cheap soleplates that get scratched and stick.

We don't sell cheap irons, just good quality irons at discounted prices. One last thing if you do a lot of ironing then I would seriously consider getting a Bosch Steam Generator Iron with their large water tanks and high steam out put Steam Gererator Irons make light work of ironing. You can see our selection of Bosch Steam Irons at our Oxfordshire Showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxford

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