Tumble Dryers Oxfordshire

Choosing a tumble dryer can be confusing, but we have explained the different types of tumble dryers below. Spending a little more on you initial purchase will save you money in the long run. A tumble dryer with Heat Pump Technology could save you around £100 a year in running costs compared to a basic vented dryer, thats a huge saving over the life time of the dryer. You can see a wide selection of heat pump tumble dryers in our Oxford & Bicester stores.

1) Vented Dryers extract the moisture and expel it outside via the vent hose along with all that valuable heat. These dryers are the least energy efficient (C) or (D) and most expensive to run, but the cheapest to buy.

2) Condenser Dryers use a condenser to extract the water out of the exhaust air and store it in a container that has to be emptied every 2 or 3 cycles. Condenser dryer can be placed anywhere in your home, they do not cause condensation and are more efficient and cheaper to run than vented dryers. They are (B) or (C) rated.

3) Heat Pump Dryers work like a condenser dryer but they recycle the heat from the exhaust air using a compressor similar to a fridge but in reverse. These types of dryers are expensive to buy but very cheap to run and can reduce your drying bill by 70% so they will soon pay for themselves. They typically have (A+) or (A++) energy ratings.

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