Quooker Boiling Taps

Quooker Boiling Taps

The Quooker boiling water tap is one of those rare 'must haves'. This simple, ultra-safe idea immediately renders kettles out of date and takes kitchens a giant leap forward. Although it's new to the UK, over 100,000 kitchens in Europe already depend on their Quookers for instant boiling water.

Quooker applications are endless and users still come up with new ones all the time. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea or coffee which makes the Kettle redundant. Imagine no more waiting for the kettle to boil. One of the and the latest addition to the list of uses is poaching fish. Of course you can also fill up a pasta pan, blanch vegetables, heat up plates and serving platters, prepare baby formula, peel tomatoes, remove candle wax and much more. All done in a moment and with boiling water of 100°C! After all, only truly boiling water is good enough for the perfect cup of English tea

Quooker make four different boiling taps to compliment your kitchen they are Quooker Basic, Classic, Design and Modern they are all available in a polished or brushed chrome finish. All Quooker Boiling Taps have a child proof push & turn handle and are insulated for extra safety, they are also height adjustable and can turn 360 degrees. Quooker Boiling taps are powered by the Quooker PRO3-VAQ tank, The VAQ denotes the Quookers tanks revolutionary high vacuum installation, this vacuum combined with a heat radiation shield ensures maximum heat retention and energy efficiency, because of this the Quooker standby power consumption is no more than 3 pence a day.

How the Quooker Boiling Tap  Works - The PRO3-VAQ tank is connected to the mains water, fresh water flows into the tank and is heated to 110oC under mains pressure, it is purified as it goes through the HiTAC water filter (the high temperature guarantees sterilization). Once the water has passed though the filter it cools to 100oC  as it flows out of the tap and starts to boil. Calcium conversion takes place meaning no more tea scum. Why not call into one of our Oxfordshire stores in Oxford Bicester  We offer fast FREE delivery throughout England and Wales 

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