Coffee Grinders

GRAEF CM80 & CM90 Coffee Grinder are conical grinder with slow speed motor that prevents the coffee from over heating while being ground therefore preserving the aroma of coffee.All GRAEF Coffee Grinders come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. 

Ascaso make a wide range of Coffee grinder ranging from the i-mini ABS Plastic in Black or White with Conical Burr grinder to the i-1 Steel Plane Blade Grinder and i-1 Colour coffee Grinders  the perfect match for the Ascaso steel range of commercial coffee machines and the Ascaso Dream Coffee Makers. It’s size does not compromise its professional features, the precise adjustments that can be achieved with Ascaso coffee grinders make it ideal for working with any type of coffee bean. i-1 Steel Plane Blade Coffee Grinder. You can see our selection of Ascaso coffee apliances at our Oxfordshire Showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxford

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