Coffee Machines

We have carefully choosen a selection of high quality brands of Coffee Machines that offer something for every level of coffee Connoisseur. If you love your coffee but want to keep it simple and quick then take a look at the range of Magimix Coffee MakersYou can now make the finest espresso, cappuccino or café latte you've ever tasted... in just a minute with a Magimix Coffee Maker that uses the Nespresso system.

Magimix use sophisticated technology combined with ease of use so you can now enjoy the finest coffee you've ever tasted. Innovative capsules containing the perfect amount of freshly roasted ground coffee, means there's no need to grind, measure your coffee. You can choose from 9 selected flavours to match your mood; a long breakfast latte, mid-morning cappuccino, or a sophisticated after dinner espresso, even decaffeinated; you decide on taste, strength and quantity. Just insert the capsule of your choice and press the button. You can even froth your milk if you wish.

If you looking for a bit more interaction with your coffee then take a look at our range of Ascaso coffee machines that are fitted with a 225cc Brass Boiler,  Bar Pump and give you the option to use Ground Coffee, ESE Pod or Pads. You can see our selection of Magimix Ascaso and Dualit Coffee Makers at our Oxfordshire Showrooms in Bicester or Kidlington Oxford

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